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Behavior and Training Volunteer of the Year – That’s Me!

Every year, the Oregon Humane Society has a big party for its volunteers. There’s free vegetarian dinner, and free beer and wine, and a whole big awards ceremony. I always have fun, and I’ve been there long enough that I know all the winners and I can clap really loudly.

I knew one of the winners really well this year, since it was me. I was given the 2013 Volunteer Program Award for Behavior and Training for working with some tough, energetic, sometimes toothy dogs. As I got up to receive my award onstage, I told myself not to J.Law it up the stairs. I successfully shook hands with the volunteer coordinator and hugged the director of OHS and had my picture taken without being too much of a dork, I think, while the announcer said nice things about me. At least, that’s what my friend Sarah said he said. I couldn’t hear him because I was concentrating on not pulling a J.Law.

Readers of the Active Dog Chronicles will appreciate the state of my affairs at the awards. I luckily looked super cute in a skirt, leggings, and wedge heels, but I had not had the opportunity to shower after my 4.5-mile run with Danny. I did dry shampoo, washed my face, and threw on the most basic makeup for presentability. I did manage to roll the dog hair off my black tights before I headed out the door. I’m taking that as a lesson — never assume you won’t win an award. Because you might. And you shouldn’t be post-run gross when you do.

Danny is totally impressed that I won an award.

Danny is totally impressed that I won an award.


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