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Training My Way Toward Certification

I’ve been training dogs at the shelter for a few years now, and this blog is kind of popular-ish, so I surmised in a very humble way, “The people and their dogs love me! They need me! They want me to train them, active canine and human alike! I shall become certified so they know I am legit!”

Well, it turns out it isn’t that easy to be certified. It’s easier and cheaper to learn to operate a 2500-pound machine and get a driver’s license as a 16-year-old than it is to get some kind of real-deal dog training certification. Which is why, apparently, so many people just skip the certification altogether and train dogs without going through that process. If you’ve got years of dog training experience and there’s no reason to spend the time and money to get certified, why bother?

I’m bothering because the process is interesting to me, and I’m a sucker for certificates and diplomas and things. I’m looking into which certification is going to work best for me, but in any case, I’m going to need some hours with some actual clients and their actual dogs. Shelter hours, it turns out, don’t count for everything, though they totally should. The problem is I’m not dealing with dogs and their people at the shelter. Dog training is as much about the people the dogs live with as it is about the dog, so I’ll need some practice in that department.

If you want me to practice on you and your dog — and who wouldn’t, when I phrase it that way? — and you live in the Portland, Oregon, metro area, leave a comment on this blog or email me at khallgeisler [at] gmail [dot] com. I’m going to specialize in active, intelligent dogs who needs jobs for their bodies and brains. Using a harness, loose-leash walking, learning to run with you without pulling or freaking out, impulse control, puzzle games, clicker training, crate training, off-leash work, ankle-nipping herders, a solid recall for trail and dog park use — these are the things I have the most experience with so far. Give me a holler if you could use some help with a dog who has too much time on his paws.


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