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Oh Hai: Danny’s Feline Family

Since I’ve been off the blog for a while, I should probably give you readers a quick update on the cat situation in our house. We still have Vyv, the giant orange male, but we stopped fostering kittens. The constant poop smell got to be a bit much. So we adopted two unrelated black kittens at the same time, because I guess if we can call the poop smell our own, we’re okay with it.



Gurley is our first Manx, and since having her I’ve learned that Manxes like to follow you around (check) have a variety of non-tail lengths (her is a stubbin), like to play fetch (check), and have short front legs and long back legs. Some people call them “cabbits” because of their little hop-run; I call her a Tyrannosaurus Manx, because I am hilarious.



Wes is our first medium-haired cat, and his fur is turning from black to silver, especially along his belly and the underside of his tail. Also, he is growing out his sideburns in the manner of a 19th-century natural philosopher. He would look good in a vest with a pocket watch.

Wes is in front; Gurley's in back

Wes is in front; Gurley’s in back

Danny only has a problem with them when they flick or excessively lick his giant ears, or if they stomp all over him while he’s trying to sleep on the couch and they, in their cat-like way, can’t decide where to settle. Otherwise, it’s an interspecies love fest around here.


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