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Let’s Fire This Thing Back Up!

Why hello there, readers. I spent the last year or so taking my talents in another direction. (Actually, it was the direction where I make a living as an automotive writer. I published a book, Take the Wheel: A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self, if you’re interested.) 

But now Danny and I are back, along with the dogs at the Oregon Humane Society, where I’m still a volunteer. A couple of months ago, I moved up the volunteer ranks — I’m now a Training Assistant with the behavior department at the shelter. That means the official, employed behavior staff notes which dogs need some extra attention and assigns them to assistants in teams of two. I work with Sarah, and so far we’ve had great luck. One of our project dogs was adopted by a couple of long-haul truckers during the holidays, and another just went home last week. I think Sarah and I have superpowers. 

Danny and I are still devoted runners, though we took it down a notch at the end of 2013. I had a hip injury after taking on a relentless series of trail runs, and then it got cold and dark. We kept up our morning maintenance miles, but we didn’t do speed work or tempo runs or long runs or anything other than what we felt like, which wasn’t much. But I am an idiot and signed up for another difficult trail race on February 22, so we’re cranking the miles — and the hills, and the massage therapist appointments — back up now. 


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