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Kristen Tries: Adidas Tempest Climawarm Shoes

Portland, Oregon, winters are cold and rainy and will dampen you to your cold, cold bones, but they are not often freezing. We get snow, but not much, and it doesn’t last long. But at seven o’clock in the morning, when it’s dark and rainy and Danny is still begging for a run, I try to make myself as comfortable as possible.

Enter the Adidas Tempest, a running shoe made with the company’s Climawarm technology (as opposed to Climacool). I saw that these were newly available this fall, and as luck would have it, I had a coupon with an approaching expiration date.

Adidas Tempest Climawarm

Danny and Adidas Climawarm mean there are no more winter morning excuses.

The technology lives up to its name, at least in my temperate corner of the country. Below 50 degrees, the Tempests are toasty warm. I don’t have any of that vague ache that sometimes comes with the first mile of a cold morning run. Danny is terrible at warming up carefully, preferring to blast off at full speed until he’s warm and comfy, usually a half mile later. I’m too tired to argue with him first thing in the morning, so any gear that warms me up quickly is helpful while I keep up with him.

Once we settle in to our usual pace, the Tempest is still a good running shoe. All the Adidas stripes are highly reflective, and the construction keeps rain showers and wet leaves from ruining the run, though the shoes are not completely waterproof. The tread is a non-fancy grid of soft rubber spikes, which keep me from losing my footing on wet leaves or in sludgy mud puddles. The ride, as the cool kids say, is a bit stiffer than I like, but the tradeoffs in warmth, traction, and visibility are worth it.

I tried wearing my Tempests on a warm but drizzly morning; it was just above 50 degrees. Climawarm did its job far too well that day. My feet were roasting. These shoes are not all-year, all-weather shoes. They are for cold runs only. But if heading out for a few winter miles gives you literal and figurative cold feet, these shoes take that excuse out of the running.


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  1. How’s the thousand-mile challenge coming? Love the idea.



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