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So we’re ramping up for this 1000-miles challenge. Yesterday, we lengthened our Monday morning tempo run from 3.3 miles to 4 miles. Bam! Today we lengthened our easy-pace trial run from 4.5 miles to 5 miles. Double bam!

And Danny is so hungry.

Danny’s always hungry. He needs to eat about 1300 calories a day to do all that he does, including running along the back fence with the neighbor dogs. He used to accomplish this with two big scoops of dry food for active dogs a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, plus a couple handfuls of treats all day long while we were training and socializing him.

Now Danny is four and very much a grown-up. Usually. He heels on walks, he runs like a champ, he doesn’t pace around the house, he doesn’t react to other dogs. All the behavioral things we worked so hard on he’s nailing on the daily. He will likely never pass up the opportunity to bolt after a squirrel, and I will learn to live with the chronically torqued calf muscle.

Because he is so good, though, he’s not getting handfuls of treats every day. He’s getting a dozen, maybe. If we’re running more but he’s eating less, it’s no wonder he’s so hungry. There are easy, meaty recipes in Feed Your Best Friend Better that I plan on cooking up for him, but in the meantime, I bought a couple of cans of Evanger’s canned dog food.  Danny has no allergies, and judging by his willingness to eat anything — including a sliver of Brussels sprouts last night — no taste buds.

Still Life (Dog Food, Ball)

I’ve never heard of this stuff, though it’s been around since 1935. It’s gluten- and grain-free, and a can has about 400 calories, depending on the flavor. On a day like today, when we ran for an hour on wet, muddy leaves (yay!), he got half a can of the not very surprisingly high-calorie beef and bacon flavor. That one will probably have to be a special occasion flavor; cooked chicken and lamb and rice flavors are better regular choices.

I plan on giving him 1/3 to 1/2 of a can on running days, in addition to his dry dog food and a few training-size treats as rewards. Sound reasonable to you guys? What and how much are you feeding your active dogs?


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