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The Thousand-Mile Challenge

Today is my birthday, and I have decided to do something mostly reasonable and a wee bit ridiculous to celebrate: I am going to run 1000 miles by my next birthday. One year. One thousand miles.

That really only breaks down to 20 miles a week, which isn’t so bad. I’ve decided to count my solo miles — on vacation or at races — and not only count the miles I run with Danny. He runs in the backyard with the neighbor dogs, which I do not do, so we’ll probably put in an equivalent number of miles in the end.

Right now, in November 2012, we’re doing 16-17 miles a week. We’ll have to ramp that up a bit, but it’s still doable. And I’m thinking the next couple of dark, dreary winter months will be maintenance miles, which will frontload my goal a bit, I hope. No short, fast tempo or fartlek runs; just regular five-milers at a slow-ish pace to keep our fitness up and our lungs from freezing. We get soaking wet either way here in Oregon, so we’ll just power through the rain like we do every winter. I got some new Adidas ClimaWarm shoes for the occasion.

Anybody else got a goal for themselves or their active dogs this year? Do you save yours for New Year’s Day?


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