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A New, Better Chew-Proof Leash … That’s Also Harder to Find

Lots of people have checked out my review of the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible leash, which was a good leash but too stiff for Danny and I. It’s been hanging on a hook behind a couple of rain coats for months and months, since it doesn’t coil around enough to fit well in the bin where we keep all the dog stuff. When it was buried in the bin, I’d forget it was there, and it would spring out at me like a snake in a can while I was rooting around for a Kong or an old toy.

But after Danny chewed clean through his leash with his scissor-like teeth recently, it was time to give the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible leash another go. It really is chew-proof, but damn it is springy. And at six feet long, it was tripping Danny and I up when he ran in his usual heel position. There was no way I could fold that beast of a leash around on itself like I do with a regular leash made of nylon webbing.

So I went to the neighborhood pet store, Tre Bone, and asked Serge if he had a solution, maybe a four-foot cable leash. He did not, but he said he could get me one ASAP from a local company (he only had longer leashes in stock). I said sure, we’ll give it a try, and left my number with the shop.

A few days later, Serge had three four-foot cable leashes, in yellow, pink, or black. I went with yellow, since we’ll be running in the dark soon as the days get shorter. Since I bought it last week — for $10 less than the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible leash — it has been the only leash we use. It’s flexible and just the right size, and the rubberized handle is comfy. We took it trail running on Tuesday with nary a stumble or trip. Danny did try to bite it, but it was so unsatisfying he gave up and decided to be a boringly good dog for four miles. I gave him lots of treats for that.

Uncle Larry four-foot leash in yellow

The only drawback to this inexpensive wonder leash? It’s made by a company called Uncle Larry, which is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, just outside Portland, and they seem to only sell their leashes through local stores. So if you’re reading this in the Portland metro area, or you know someone here who would be willing to buy and ship you an Uncle Larry leash, you’re golden. If not, you’re SOL, as my mom says. (She’s not big into swearing.)


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