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Oh, Um, You’re Still Here. Hi!

It has been ages and ages since I’ve updated this blog. I thought you’d get bored by now. I thought you’d be tired of me telling the world how awesome and beautiful and indefatigable my dog is. I thought you’d have gotten a hobby by now.

But a quick check of the page visits here on the Active Dog Chronicles tells me that you are not yet bored, nor tired, nor have you gotten a hobby. You’re still finding Danny and me, and you’re still interested in the toys and treats we try. If you’re into it, so are we. Here’s a recent picture so you know we’re still out there hiking and running and walking and playing fetch:

I’m still walking dogs at the Oregon Humane Society every Friday morning, and I’ve upped the old volunteerism by taking in foster kittens through OHS, too. I’m on my third batch. Some are more excited to meet Danny than others, but they all get their chance. It helps new adopters to know if the kitten they’re contemplating is cool with dogs or will fluff up like angry black cotton candy whenever one enters the room. (Speedy, I’m looking at you.)

So if you want to know about how Danny reacts to his favorite food being reformulated, I’ll let you know. And if you want to track my training runs with Coach Danny, I’ll let you know that, too. And if you want a picture of Danny herding foster kittens, I’ll just give that to you right now. I mean, you’ve stuck with this blog this far, the least I can give you is a picture.

Danny with My Second Batch of Foster Kittehs


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