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Team Danny Gets a New Member

Saturday night, my friend Nicole came over. I hadn’t seen her for weeks. She mentioned that she was thinking about taking up running again, after a years-long haitus. “You totally should,” I said, and blabbed on about the monthly Urban Adventure Run, which has prizes, and the two races I’ve run for animal charities, and the 10k trail run I’ll be doing at the end of the month. Why yes, I had been drinking. Astute of you to notice.

“You should come with Danny and I some morning,” I said. “We go out at least three times a week.” This is the kind of off-the-cuff invite I can offer now that Danny’s so much better behaved.

Damn if she didn’t take me up on it. Nicole called Sunday night and said she’d done four miles in the park that day and felt surprisingly good. Could she join us? But of course!

So Monday morning, we met halfway between our houses (actually, I think Nicole got the raw end of the deal and our meeting point was closer to my place than to hers). We ran three miles with only one little leash-biting freak-out on Danny’s part. It was next to the ball field where we have very occasionally played fetch in the past, and sometimes he remembers that as we go by and tries to convince me we should play again. Now. Get this leash off me!

He recovered quickly, and Nicole and I went back to discussing running shoe sales and fall races that end in wine tastings. She said she’ll probably take a couple days off, but she’s game to go out with us again. Coach Danny’s skills have lured in another team member. We’re going to need shirts or sweatbands or something, now that neighborhood friends Kristin and Nicole have both on Team Danny on occasion.


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