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Easier, Colder, Cheaper, Longer-Lasting Kong Stuffing

Eons ago, I wrote about diabolical Kong stuffing, which involved a lot of layers and yummy bits and stuff. While this is good as a treat, Danny needs some help with a couple of things:

  • Not eating so damn fast
  • Cooling off after a walk or run
  • Staying busy when it’s too warm to do much of anything

Enter the simplest, coldest, longest-lasting Kong ever. Here are the steps:

  1. Put a serving of your dog’s food in a bowl.
  2. Add some water.
  3. Let it sit until the food is mushy.
  4. Cram it into however many Kongs it will fill.
  5. Freeze overnight.

Voila! Kongs filled with the same nutritious stuff you give your dog every day with no new ingredients that might weird his digestive system out, plus a little extra water, which we know he can use. This morning, 20 minutes after our 3.5-mile run, I gave Danny his small Kong filled with this stuff. It took him nearly 45 minutes to finish it — a record, I think. He’s eating frozen dinner from his bigger black Kong right now. Tomorrow will be cooler, so I’ll wash these out tonight and fill and refreeze them in preparation for the next hot day.


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