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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

I know that the folks who find this blog are probably pretty dog-savvy already, but it never hurts to post the Oregon Humane Society’s July Fourth Pet Safety Tips as a reminder. A few highlights that bear repeating:

  • Make sure all your animals — even indoor-only cats — have collars and tags in case they get spooked and take off
  • Walk dogs before dusk, when fireworks are likely to begin
  • Don’t take your dog to the big fireworks display. If he freaks out and runs away, he’ll be in an unfamiliar neighborhood to boot
  • Sensitive dogs (like many active and herding dogs) can be closed in an interior bathroom where the noise is muffled a bit, or in their kennels if they feel safe and comfortable there

One of my favorite shelter dogs, Mesa, was believed to be a Fourth of July runaway. She came to OHS in mid-July a couple years ago and, because she was nine years old, she stayed until well into the fall. She did eventually find a new home, but she could have avoided the extended pit stop at OHS if her previous owners had taken a wee bit more care. Don’t bet that owner!


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