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Race #2: Run for the Love of Dove

My second-ever 5k race was also for the benefit of dogs — and wildlife, this time. The Run for the Love of Dove event benefited the DoveLewis animal hospital’s Stray Animal and Wildlife Program, which treats any and all animals, domestic or wild, who’ve suffered an injury. It started at the Lucky Lab, a local brew pub, so swag for finishers included a DoveLewis key chain bottle opener. Sweet.

Coach Danny’s training worked again. This was my first timed race, and I finished in 27:31, which I was happy with. I did not realize that they would be taking pictures at the finish line, though, so I’m looking down at the cable that reads our timing chips so I don’t trip and making a very serious face. Not 5k fundraising fun-run worthy. Now I know for next time — look up and smile big as you cross the finish line, KHG.

But again, Danny didn’t run with me, though dogs were welcome. (Dogs are even welcome at the pub, if they sit outside with their people and don’t pick drunken fights.) He’s just too wound up when there are other people and dogs around, even if he means well. He’s just happy, but bouncing and barking for three miles is not really the best way to show it.


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