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Fleur de Lawn and Active Dogs: A Love Story

Last year, we put in Fleur de Lawn, a grass/clover/flower mix developed to grow best in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where I live. Anyone outside the valley can stop reading now, and we’ll pick you up with the next post. Promise.

But I’ve noticed a lot of folks are finding this site after searching for Fleur de Lawn and/or active dog landscaping. Since we’ve got more than 12 months of both under our backyard belts, I figured it was time for an update.

Fleur de Lawn 1 Year after Sowing

Fleur de Lawn 1 Year after Sowing

I took this picture in May, well after the last frost, but during a cool, wet spring. We’d had a few sunny days, though, and everything was growing like crazy, so I’d already mowed this three or four times. Actually, I mowed again after taking these pictures. The grass and daisies are doing well in our clay-y yard, but in the toughest spots, the clover is filling in like gangbusters. Danny particularly likes to find a clover-filled spot and roll around on his back in the sun. He’s easy to please.

Care of the Fleur de Lawn is minimal, especially once it’s established. It keeps the yard from getting too terribly muddy in the winter, and in its second spring, it’s creeping into some of the bare spots. I cut it with a rotary, human-powered lawn mower set on nearly the highest setting. That keeps it lush and shades out weeds to boot, so there aren’t many dandelions out back. Just little daisies.

We still have the bark mulch path along the back fence, since Danny likes to run with the neighbor dogs. I just replenish the mulch every few months and rake it back into place whenever I mow.


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