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Doggie Dash 2011: Done!

OHS Alumnus Danny

OHS Alumnus Danny

Thanks to Coach Danny’s tireless efforts and willingness (sort of) to run in the rain all winter, I finished the 2.5-mile Doggie Dash run this morning in something like 23 minutes. I passed other runners more often than I got passed, which I was happy about, and I raised a couple hundred bucks for the Oregon Humane Society, where I volunteer.

Danny wasn’t able to go with me, after much dithering on my part. I really wanted him to run with me, but waiting in line at registration is not his forte. Neither is waiting patiently while I eat my free post-race pancake breakfast. So I snagged him a new tennis ball from the Subaru tent and this uber-cool bandana, which they were handing out to dogs adopted from OHS. My reward (besides those pancakes) is a new pair of running shoes to replace the ones we wore out.


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