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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sunny Nap by Netsirk3
Sunny Nap, a photo by Netsirk3 on Flickr.

A quick pic of Danny enjoying one of the first warm sunny days of spring. Also, you can see in this picture how the dog-friendly landscaping project lasted through the winter — his path is still in place, and the Fleur de Lawn is coming in nicely.


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  1. Hey there, I came across your blog while researching Fleur de Lawn. How do you like it? I have a dog that looks a lot like Danny and was wondering how it holds up to dog traffic. How soon after you seeded did you let him run around?

    • I love Fleur de Lawn. We sowed it almost exactly a year ago, and it’s holding up well, even in our clay-y soil. Danny and I didn’t play fetch for two or three weeks after we seeded, but he did go out back to go potty several times every day, and the lawn still grew. Where he runs a lot, the FdL didn’t hold up so well. We’re going to have to find a sturdier solution for the part of the yard where he catches the ball and does a U-turn to bring it back. But the bulk of the yard is FdL, and it’s looking lovely and growing like crazy. Danny likes to nap in the sunshine on the FdL. Bonus: let it grow a little long, and it shades out weeds.


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