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A Very Danny Christmas

Danny asked for a backpack for Christmas, and he got it — and then some. It’s a nice red and black pack with three straps (neck, chest, waist), two giant pockets, two little mesh pockets, a handle if he gets into trouble, and velcro so I can take the pouches off and leave the straps in place. I think that’s for dogs who like a quick dip in a river, which is not an issue for hydrophobic Danny.

Since I’m the literate one, I got the guide to dog-friendly hikes in Oregon. It’s arranged by region and has info on trail length and difficulty, plus directions to the trailhead. It also lets you know right of the bat if the trail is busy, which isn’t great for excitable dogs, or if there are steep drop-offs, which can be dangerous for rambunctious dogs.

Reviews of the pack and book will come in the spring, when we’ve had a chance to use them. I don’t want to make Danny wear the pack until we’re ready to go hiking. That way, he associates this cumbersome (not really, but Danny’s an exaggerator ) piece of equipment with good times in the woods. We did a very quick preliminary fitting to make sure it was the right size, and it was.

Danny also got treats and toys in his stocking (thanks, Gram!), which he annihilated. The stuffed raccoon with squeaky guts? Drawn and quartered. The rubber tube with knotted ropes inside? Knots chewed off, ropes pulled out, and now he’s picking apart the rubber tube, so that’s gotta go before he swallows something.

The kitten got a sweet little white fleece mouse, which he loved. He tossed it in the air, and kicked it, and bit it. You know how kittens do. Then he played with wrapping paper for a while, another kitten classic. We realized after about a half hour that the mouse was missing — and we found it in Danny’s toy place at the top of the stairs with its tiny ears bitten off. The mouse has since been returned to the kitten.


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  1. Danny is hydrophobic, too? That’s so weird!

    It can be hard keeping the cat’s toys separate from the dog’s as the latter is all too happy to share and the former is not. In fact, if the dog even so much as breath’s on one of the cat’s little mice, the toy has become undesirable and the cat won’t go near it any more.

    Glad you had a great holiday!


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