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Danny Tries: StarMark Bob-A-Lot

Danny and the Bob-A-Lot

We bought this toy for about 20 bucks last winter, when we desperate to entertain an energetic dog that we’d only had a few months. The guy at the local pet store recommended it, and he was not wrong. The Bob-A-Lot (which we call the weeble wobble) is one of Danny’s favorite rainy-day toys.

Operation couldn’t be easier: You unscrew the yellow cap and put a handful of dry food or treats in the top, and then screw the cap back on. The treats come out a little door near the weighted purple bottom of the toy.

You can adjust the difficulty a bit, but not a lot. There’s a hole in the top where the food drops in; you can set this hole to be bigger or smaller, and you can choose if you want to shake the food into the main compartment or make the dog maneuver his treats through both holes. The second hole at the bottom of the toy is adjustable, too.

Danny, as you can see in the photos, has gnawed on the Bob-A-Lot’s yellow cap in an attempt to cut to the treat-eating chase. But this toy is tough — you can only get the treats out if you do it right. No shortcuts. Though I think he has manged to pierce the plastic a couple times.

Bob-A-Lot How-To

Like the Buster Cube, the Bob-A-Link is pretty loud on wood floors while the dog is smacking it, rolling it, running after it, and sometimes tossing it in the air a bit. Also, Danny figured out that he can get a payload of treats sometimes if he sends the toy thumping down the stairs.

But it keeps him busy for about 15 minutes with a cap full of food, and on nasty, stormy days, it’s better than playing fetch in the muddy backyard.


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  1. Fifteen minutes is fifteen minutes. Sometimes, that is all you need. Just fifteen minutes of peace. And Danny looks like he doesn’t mind at all!

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