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Danny Tries: Pro Active Balance (Part 1)

The folks at Heartland Pet Care, makers of Pro Active Balance, contacted me a few weeks ago to see if Danny and I would be interested in giving their pet-food supplement a try. I’ve done lots of reviews in my regular work as a writer, and Danny heard the word “food,” so we agreed to a 30-day trial. The company supplied the stuff for free.

We got an envelope full of other tiny envelopes in the mail. Each day’s ration of prebiotics and probiotics comes in its own little packet about the size of a sugar packet. I took a picture of it next to a tea bag so you could get the idea.

Pro Active Balance Packet

Pro Active Balance Packet

As I write this, Danny is on day three of the trial. The fine powder is white but odorless and tasteless, they say, so Danny doesn’t seem to notice it on his kibble when I sprinkle it on at dinner time. Keep in mind, though, that Danny eats apples off the ground and once chewed on a disembodied bird wing. So his sense of edible is less than refined.

That, in fact, is why I was willing to give Pro Active Balance a try. Danny’s got some minor digestion issues, which we can usually control by breaking his meals into three or four smaller servings instead of one cup in the morning and one in the evening, plus training treats. Since he’s on this 30-day trial, though, he’s back to two meals plus training treats. No snacks before bed to keep his tummy from rumbling.

The only weird part about Pro Active Balance so far is how vague the literature is for this product. It doesn’t really make any promises, so they can’t really get in any trouble. Quotes from the press release that came with the trial:

“Pro Active Balance delivers probiotics, prebiotics and improves nutrient absorption.”

“We’re excited to bring an easy and affordable way for everyone to enhance pet nutrition.”

They do explain (sort of) that probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that help maintain a balance in the intestines, and that prebiotics are dietary fiber that helps the probiotics grow. It sounds a lot like the marketing craze surrounding yogurt for humans these days.

I’ll keep you posted on Danny’s trial, with a final analysis on day 30. If I get a chance to interview the Pro Active Balance people and get some clarity on what kinds of improvements we should be seeing, I’ll be sure to pass what I learn on to you.


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  1. Huh. I am interested to see if you find any benefits. My dog has the same eating habits as Danny apparently. Mmmm, random objects on the ground. Tasty. If you find a real noticeable change then I may have to try it myself.

    • I forgot to mention that, according to the literature the company sent, it’s not terribly spendy. Something like $7 a month for the “regular breed” packets. They have large breed, too. Not that Shiva’s any bigger than Danny, but in case the other three people reading this blog have bigger dogs, now they know.

  2. We’re going to give the product a try too. Our packets just arrived yesterday. Looking more closely at the ingredients, it seems like in addition to the probiotics there are also two forms of sugar or sugar substitute in there. I’m not too keen on that.

    • Chad did say that Pro Active Balance has dextrose in it as the “prebiotic,” and it is made by a company that makes artificial sweetener for humans. I was worried that Danny would be more hyped up than usual, but that hasn’t been the case so far. But I agree with you — I’m not sure I’m real keen on giving him sugar substitute for his health.

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