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Danny Tries: Buster Cube

If I can’t tire Danny’s body out on rainy days, I can at least try to tire out his brain. Thus the array of toys and treats in his blue bin, including this one: the Buster Cube.

Buster Cube

Buster Cube

This hard, red plastic cube is pretty much indestructible. You put dry food or treats into the center tube, place your hand over the hole, and shake like crazy to get the food distributed inside the maze within the cube. Hand it over to the dog, who will nose it around the floor to get the food out.

When we bought this for Danny last winter, he got frustrated the first couple of times he tried it. But once he figured it out, it was all over. It now keeps him occupied for about 15 minutes with about a third of a cup of food inside.

If you have wood floors, this thing makes so. much. noise. It rattles against the floor, the food rattles inside, and the dog’s nails click like crazy as he chases it around the room. I’ve found it’s much better to give this to Danny in my carpeted office, where the only sound is the food crashing around in the cube. It’s still a bit annoying, but not nearly as much as when we gave it to him in the living room.

Another annoying day was when Danny discovered that half the work would be done for him if he just pushed the cube down the stairs and snacked his way to the main floor. The main floor does not have carpet. Recommence with the loud sounds.

Danny and the Buster Cube

Danny and the Buster Cube

But usually, he keeps the cube on the carpet, and it’s all over in 15 minutes anyway. This is a great toy for smart dogs who would otherwise chew a puzzle toy to bits rather than figure out how to get the food out the little hole. Danny.

I forget how much I paid for it; something like 20 bucks at the humane society gift shop, I think. Danny will get bored with this toy long before it dies the horrible, chewed-up death of his other toys.


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  1. I’ve seen this before and wondered about it. But the noise factor was my main concern as well. We have a Nina Otosson “pyramid” that Shiva loves and seems similar to the cube. But the sound of it banging against our floors is a definite drawback, especially with neighbours on the other side of the wall. Great otherwise though. Indestructablity and quiet is a pretty tough combination to find.

    • Oooh … I just went to the Nina Otosson web site. Those toys look super cool. I should have put a few of the more challenging ones on Danny’s Christmas list. He asked for his own backpack this year. 🙂

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