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Pack It Up, Pack It In: What We Take Hiking

Bag for Hiking with Dogs

The basics for our bag

Ever since we had such a good time hiking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Eastern Oregon, Danny and I have been hiking closer to home all summer. Actually, I had to buy hiking boots in Joseph, Oregon, while we were on vacation, and I felt I had to justify the eighty bucks. Also, Danny’s just really good at trail hiking.

Back in Portland, Danny and I have headed for the hills at least twice a week. It helps that Forest Park is a quick drive from my house, so we can get out there, get in a good hike, and get back in under two hours. Even though we’re not out in the woods long, I take a backpack with a few essentials. Here’s my list:

  • Treats!
  • Wallet and keys
  • Cell phone (it’s an urban forest, so I get a signal. I bring the phone for emergencies, not chatting)
  • 1-liter aluminum water bottle
  • Collapsible water dish
  • Plastic bags for poop
  • Maps of the park’s trails
  • Little notebook and pencil for story ideas I come up with
  • Towel for emergencies — including using it as a sling for carrying Danny if he seriously injures himself
  • If I’m feeling like hauling the extra weight and it’s spring, I’ll bring my wildflower guidebook, too

It sounds like a lot, but it all fits in a bookbag I’ve had for more than ten years and it’s not too heavy. My particular bag has a pocket in the strap for a wallet or something, but it holds Danny’s treats at the ready. You don’t even need to wonder if Danny knows where those treats live. He does.

Is that our hiking stuff?

Are we going hiking now?

What if I sit? Can we hike now?


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  1. HAHA i love the ‘what if i sit’ picture, great and funny post – thanks 🙂


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